Welcome to Wealthbuildingpro.com

We created and maintain this site for three reasons –

First, to document our story, deals and lessons learned over the years.  When we started 15 years ago, it was painfully obvious that the real estate investments books we were reading were not current with the market and with the power of the website we knew that we could stay relatively up to date.

Second, real estate investing has been very good to us over the years and this is our way of giving back to the community.

Lastly, we get asked all the time to mentor folks, and throughout the years, where we could help with a minute or two we were always there for people but it is clear folks wanted more information in a more structured way.

After speaking with several of the requestors, it became clear that our story was interesting because we hold full time jobs, been investing for 15 years and multiple up-ad-down cycles and by most accounts have been successful. 
So after a weeklong vacation and a lot of soul searching we have decided to take on only a few clients a year as we don’t have a lot of time.  However to control our investment in time we will run each mentee through the following 5-step program that should take between 6-8 hours over the course of 3-4 weeks.

Step 1: The Foundation or Learn our Story.  This is a first step to know where we began, where we have been and where we are as all of our experience is just that our experience and will be used to answer any questions.  This will be the only portion of our program where we do most of the talking.

Step 2: This is where you share your story, where you are now and where you would like to go.  Expect a lot of questions as we push and prod you as we want to make sure you know what you are getting into and why you are getting into real estate investing.  At the end of this session, a homework assignment will take you 8-15 hours to complete on your own time and we will not meet again until you are finished with the homework.  This homework assignment will be the base for any success you have going forward so take it seriously and expect us to check your work as we can spot fake effort.

Step 3: Review the homework together, challenge assumptions and make sure we are on the same page with all the goodness you just arrived at as you built the foundation for your future success by completing it.

Step 4: Open Questions and Creative Deals, every investor has questions and he/she wants to hear the great stories about what is possible from this business in the long run.  We will share some of our absolutely outstanding yet very creative deals, and we know others who have done some interesting deals also.

Step 5: Wrap Up, we will have learned a lot about each other, established a solid foundation and it is time to step up.  We will outline together a 6-month, 1-Year, 3-Year, 5-Year and 10-Year plan that we both believe is achievable.

Our 5-step program takes the best of what we have done, the lessons we have learned and best of all ties the program to each individual.  We don’t hold large events, we treat each mentee as an individual. 

We are not prepared to take on a lot of mentees a year, but if you are interested or simply have a question you can reach out to Olivia at olivia@wealthbuildingpro.com to see where we stand in scheduling time.

Regardless, please know we plan to keep updating this website with deal information, relevant thoughts and ideas as we still believe in putting our thoughts and experience down for the folks to read.

Mike and Olivia

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