Acquisition Reports
The Finally House  This house was the initial house that signaled the start of our acquisition spree as the expected yield finally exceeded our Cash on Cash Return target of 20%

Did it Again Relationships and leveraging Passive Investors via Self Directed IRA's proves to be a Win-Win for everyone.

Patience In Real Estate it takes two parties to complete a transaction and sometimes the Seller needs more time and sometimes they need a lot more time.

Deal of Year Being Creative and always looking for ways to make deals is how to create long term value.

Take What it Gives You Just because your missing a kitchen doesn't mean it is a bad deal.  Also being known as a closer is a great thing in this business.

The Stucco House Just because the house has some usual and cosmetic issues doesn't mean you have a bad deal.  In fact the less buyers like it the more we like it (Because we like to buy CHEAP and with no competition)

Got to Move FAST Sometimes you have to pay full price to secure an outstanding deal (I hate it, but I am glad we did)

Flop-Flip House Sometimes the best laid plans just don't workout.  If something goes wrong in your plan for an investment, make a change and learn from it. We sure did!

Seeing-Double You never know where a deal might pop up.  Keeping our eyes open bought us a Duplex at the cost of a single family home.

No Longer the Ugly House Some projects go on a little longer and cost a little more than you expected, but at the end of the project you'll still proud of what you delivered for the neighborhood and your tenants!  It feels good to be done!

The Ugly House Almost any house or property can be a decent investment if you get it for a good price.  Even a really ugly 2/1 that has code enforcement issues logged against it.

Before Pictures Ugly House Just thought I would share some additional pictures of the ugly house on the day of closing. What did you expect for 25K in a nice area?

Work In Progress The Ugly House Every project has little wrinkles and surprises, and The Ugly House is no different.

What Could Be Just because something says it is a 2/1 doesn't mean it can't be a 3/1.  If you can buy as a 2/1 and rent as a 3/1, you have some monster cash flow coming.

Stripped Why would you pay more for a house that is stripped and needs lots of work? Also, is it an "attic" or something else?

The One That Got Away The facts is that you can't get every deal you find, or you will quickly run out of money.  Have investment criteria and stick with it.

Surprise-Surprise This is a people business, and  you can always be surprised.  This one really was a gift.

Small can be GOOD It should be obvious that renters would prefer to rent a house over an apartment. This deal proves it.

Is it a 2/1 or a 4/2 I suggest you investigate any oddities you find in the MLS descriptions as you never know when one can go your way.

Big Blue Tarp Sometimes situations arise where you find yourself with a deal that just can't go wrong. Or can it.

Check the Area If you see a deal in an area that you usually avoid, you owe yourself at least a drive-by to confirm interest or value.

Farm Area If one property is a good investment why not try and buy the one across the street or down the block?

Farm Area Again If Two preoperties are good why not a third. Use your past comps to insure you get a great price on the third deal which is by far the cleanest REO we have bought.

Hidden Value Just because a proerty isn't a bread and butter house and it looks ugly from the street doesn't mean you can't create a deal.

Surprise Bonus The more houses or deal you look at the greater chance you will uncover a true gift.

Side by Side Who says you can't watch a proeprty for over 12 months, buy it at auction and not create a good deal.  I still wunder how many people passed on this deal?

Front and Back Sometimes odd MLS descritpions can be goalmines as they keep competition away.  Less Competition means better deals!!!!

Fruits and Flowers Wow can you say curb appeal.  Remember you need to get tenants to stop as they drive your rentals and good curb appeal really helps them stop and take a look at your units.