Have Money but No Time If you have Money and very limited time I suggest you read this as it offers suggestions to protect yourself and discusses opportunities for Passive Investment.

How to Fix Housing, Unemployment, and the Economy Lots of folks like to talk about all the negativity in the market.  But noone is propsing how we turn this around. Until Now!!!

Which is Best for You - Active Real Estate Investing or Private Money Investing We are in a unique market that offers decent returns for active investors willing to put in time.  As well as for Private Money Investors looking for increase returns on cash.  Either way do the work, manage the risks so you can reap the rewards.

Only TWO ways to make Money in the business So you have read a lot of books, paid for mentoring but have you learned the TWO ways to make money in this business????

Think Win-Win-Win-Win-Win The Real Estate business is a people business and you should aim to insure all parties win.  Let me explain.

Are you too Lazy to Flip Properties I know several successful real estate flippers and they all have one thing in common they treate it like a Full Time Job. Do you already have one? Do you want a second?

Are you happy with 1% - 2% you are earning on your Savings? I hope not!!! There are ways to increase the return but it takes work.

What Type of Deals are we Doing Today Doing deals are the key to this business and thus understanding where the deals are coming from.

How can a Buy and Hold Investor Create Value??? So I assume you have a seen an episode of Flip this House or maybe a similiar show.  Those house always look great but it has always bothered me that non of the investors kept the house long term and instead just took the quick cash.  I like building a portfolio and holding long term, flipping feels too much like work.

Investor - Realtor Relationship is it Art, Science or a Unicorn This relationship should be so easy.  However if you have been in the market awhile you know it is not.  I suggest 5 standards of conduct for new investors to increase odds of success.

My Top 3 Real Estate Investor Books. Everyone needs mentors and teachers.  Mine are Tony Alvarez, Jay DeCima and William Nickerson.

If we were starting today what would we do??? First and foremost I would pat myself on the back for being so smart to start now (Timing is everything).

So you have No Money or You're Just Starting Out. Every Investor I know has started with no money or next to no money so don't let that stop you.  But understand you will have to create value somewhere or for someone.

Why is Cash on Cash Return or Yield our Favorite Metric? Every investor has a  favorite metric to compare investment options and for us it is Yield.  We want to know the expected return on our deployed capital.

Could Low End Rents Explode in 2-3 Years???  As mentioned before we look at our market everyday and we talk with very experienced realtors and brokers every week.  I bring this up because sometimes you can get lost in the moment of the day or the deal and forget about the long term play for your investments.

5 Questions Every New Real Estate Investor Should Ask Themselves before they Start!!! Real Estate is Hot - Real Estate is Cold - The more things change the more they stay the same.  Know exactly why you are getting involved before you invest/spend your hard earned capital.

Team work has to Start at HOME If you are in a committed relationship you need to do this First before anything else or risk disaster!!!!

How a New Investor should work with a Real Estate Agent. Please remember that this is a people business and if you treat people badly word will get around.  As a new investor stand out from the crowd and do exactly what you say you are going to do.

What to Expect after one year of owning rentals So you bought your first deal or two.  What can you expect after 12 months of ownership.

Question from Reader Please share with us how you find and secure good contractors and repair teams.