We are Buy and Hold Investors that focus on Fresno and Madera, CA
Our current Buy and Hold Strategy Involves 5 Key Steps:

Step 1: First and foremost we are always in the market looking for the next deal. We typically Buy a Distressed Asset at significant discounts (Lately Near Land Value) – Typically an REO that will not qualify for FHA lending (Many time our deals have already fallen out of escrow 2 or 3 times before we buy them).

Step 2: After acquisition we repair the unit and make rent ready (Typical Range $3k-12K) – Paint, Carpet, Landscaping, Fixtures, Fences, etc.

Step 3: Rent or Lease at Going Market Rate (Typically under 2 weeks)

Step 4: Take Performing Asset and strip out a small piece of equity via Bank Equity Line or Private Money Loan

Step 5: Keep Performing Asset and start process over (NEVER Buy Toys with Real Estate Proceeds)